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The 13th Symposium on Micro-Science and Technology (Nagoya, 22nd of December, 2022)

Ms. Takahashi (M1) won the award at The 13th Symposium on Micro-Science and Technology.


MHS 2022 (Nagoya, 27-30th of November, 2022)

Mr. Yamashita, Saito, Goto, Narayama, Ms. Takahashi gave presentations.

Year-end party (18th, November, 2022)

Micro-nano symposium 2022 &Cheminas 46 (Tokushima,14-16th of November,2022)

Ms.Takao(M2) and Nakagawa(M1) won the  Best Presentation Award at Cheminas46 !

Graduation ceremony (22nd, September, 2022)

Mr.Kang Junghwan(G30) has graduated!


2021年11月9-11日:化学とマイクロ・ナノシステム学会 第44回研究会 @オンライン

Graduation party of M2 and D3  (Zoom, 19th of March,2021)

Everyone in the laboratory prays for your success!

Oct. 26-28, 2020: Cheminas42 @Online

Mr. Ichikawa(D3), Iwakawa(M1) won the award!!

Micro-nano symposium &Cheminas 40 (Shizuoka,19-21st of November,2019)

Mr.Ichikawa, Sato, Oguma, Hirao gave a poster presentation.

Lab Trip (Nagasaki,5-6th of November,2019)

This year, we went to Iki and enjoyed taimeshi-making and BBQ at the cottage.