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Main Research Theme of Yamanishi Laboratory is Biomedical Applications in Micro-nano Engineering Fields.



Mr. Saito(D2), Kiyama(M2), Miyamae(M2), Takeda(M2) gave presentations at Cheminas 47.


Dr. Wada (specially-appointed associate professor), Dr. Yokomori (specially-appointed assistant professor), and Dr. Tsuruya (Postdoctoral Fellow) have joined Yamanishi-lab.


Mr. Ma (D2) and Ms. Takahashi (M1) gave presentations. at MEMS 2023.


Ms. Takahashi (M1) won the award at The 13th Symposium on Micro-Science and Technology.


Welcome to Yamanishi Lab

Yamanishi Lab is conducting research on biomedical applications in the micro-nano field.

The name of the laboratory is "Biomedical Microfluidics Laboratory". By using engineering approach, we aim to clarify the unknown functions of cells and cellular scale biomedical treatment by making full use of knowledge of mechanics, electricity, medicine, biotechnology, etc. under the microscopic Micro/Nano environment.

Yoko Yamanishi, Professor

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