Contents of Reseaches

Yamanishi Laboratory is aim to clarify unknown function of cells by using micro-nano technology based on mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and bio-medical engineering, and also we are targeting to contribute to the cellular scale medical treatment. For example, researches on novel gene injection method, protein crystallization, micro-nano scale actuation in micro-fluidic channels are studied which contribute to clarify unknown phenomenon in biomedical fields.

Research Field

1 : Cell Processing and Gene Injection

We have successfully carried out gene transfer using electrically induced bubble knife. The air-liquid interfaces of the dispensed bubbles have novel characteristics which can carry the various kinds of the materials in different phase and viscosity of solution. This technique has advantages in high efficiency of injection of limited amount of valuable samples such as designed m-RNA. We demonstrated m-RNA encoding 3xFLAG-GST into Xenopus oocyte to be sure that electrically induced bubble knife has ability to injection chemically unstable and biocompatibility. Furthermore, we injected fluorescent beads whose size was 2 μm into BY-2 cell as multiphase injection.(PCT/JP2013/055703)

2 : Crystallization Technology

We have succeeded in protein crystallization by electrically-driven mono-dispersed micro-bubble by using electrically-induced micro-bubble knife. The dispensed directional micro-bubbles whose air-liquid interface tends to combine the ambient molecules due to by their stiction force on the surface of bubbles. These characteristics enable to agglomerate the protein molecule which brings to successful protein crystallization in the low concentrate protein solution. Protein crystal-nucleation rate by electrically-driven mono-dispersed micro-bubble was much higher than control. Induction force of protein crystallization by electrically-driven mono-dispersed micro-bubble increased with the amplification of input power of electrical circuit of electrically-induced micro-bubble knife.

3 : Emerging Functions of Liquid-Plasma Interface

We have successfully produced mono-dispersed micro-scale plasma bubble in microfluidic chip under atmospheric pressure, and which can be transported to the downstream of the chip. The plasma produced has characteristics of low temperature and which was generated by dielectric barrier discharge for biomedical applications. The discretized plasma phase in microfluidic chip provides high accuracy irradiation to the affected area with limited collateral damage area. This technique is closely tied to the therapeutic uses with high accuracy.

Major Equipments

  • Clean Room (Sputtering device,Exposure machine (Mask Aligner),Stepper,Spincoater etc..)
  • Draft (Micro-Electro-plating, etc..)
  • Bio-related Devices(Bio-bench,Autoclave,Incubator,Centrifuge, -80℃ frezer, etc)
  • Measurement Devices(Optical Tweezer,Confocal Microscope,Spectrophotometer, High speed camera, etc..)
  • Glass Fabrication Devices(Glass puller, Micro-forge, etc..)

Research Projects

  • JST PRESTO (Design and Control of Celluar Functions Group)(2013-2016):”Re-generation and molecular manipulation by electrically induced bubble injection knife”.
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)(2013-2015):” Emerging function of electrically driven micro-nano bubbles”.
  • Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Expolatory Research(2013-2014):”New patterning technology with high-speed and high-accuracy under atmospheric and under-water environment”.
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research for Innovative Area(2013-2014):”Emerging bio-medical function of transportation of interface of micro-plasma and liquid laden micro-bubbles”.
  • JST A-STEP Seeds Validation(2012-2013):”Development of innovative medical device by using electrically driven directional nano-bubbles cavitation”.
  • JST A-STEP Exploratory Research(2013):”Emerging function of plasma-liquid interface in microchannel by dielectric barrier discharge”.
  • JST A-STEP Exploratory Research(2012):”Development of high-accuracy fabrication technique by using nano-scale plasma under atmospheric pressure and water environment”.
  • ST PRESTO (Nanosystemd and Emergent Functions group) (2009-2012):”High-accuracy processing and sensing system by using nano-scale electric knife”.
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research for Innovative Area(2008-2009):”Local cell response and “On-chip cell culcuring under local environmental control and fluorescent sensing systems by local cell response”.
  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research for Young Researcher (B)(2008-2009):”Transportation of cell and oocyte coupling system and fusion system by using multiphase-emulsion”.
  • Japan Scienece Society, Sasagawa Scienece Foundation(2007):”Fundamental study of mechanism of production of centrifuge by micro-vortex in microchannel”.